Iron And Steel

Microporous thermal insulation can deliver significant benefits in terms of Environmental, Economic, Social and Operational impacts in the iron and steel sectors.

Significant energy savings can be achieved, at the same time contributing to a safer workplace, cooler ambients, with reduced maintenance, and providing operational efficiences.

Image of molten material being poured

Ladle & Tundish

Siltherm AluFlex introduced as a high performance insulation “back up insulation”in the ladle, tundish, and transport ladles can offer the following benefits due to the superior insulation properties of Siltherm microporous insulation :

  • Reduced preheat regimes saving energy and speeding up the reheat cycle.
  • Lower casing temperatures offering a safer working environment
  • Cooler ambients for improved working conditions
  • Reduced corrosion of the casing resulting in reduced mainteneance costs
  • Reduced heat loss through the refractory structure resulting in energy savings or potential to increase the capacity and throughput.
  • Longer transfer cycles

Ladle & Tundish – Siltherm AluFlex

image of ladle and Turndish containing molten material
image of casting ladle
Image of Tundish view mix

Torpedoe Ladle – Siltherm AluFlex

Siltherm AluFlex can be supplied in a wide variety of sizes to suit the geometry of the ladle or tunish, in some cases pre curved panels can be supplied to suit the barrel geometry, providing easy installation and avoid uneccessary on site cutting.

Siltherm microporous thermal insulation torpedo ladel cutaway illustration.

Blast Furnace

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image of blast furnace

Tuyere Stocks

Siltherm microprous insulation supplied as a high performance insulation, customised to fit the geometry inside the Tuyere Stocks can deliver significant benefits in the operational efficicncy.

So called “low energy Tuyere Stocks” have a high performance insulation between the casting shell and the pre cast refractory in the Tyuere Stock. Thermal FEM calculations have shown that hot blast thermal energy losses can reduced significantly, in some cases by up to 50%.

This can prolong the life time of the equipment, and deliver reductions in the coke per tonne of hot metal produced.

Electric Arc Furnace (EAF)

The introduction of Siltherm Microporous insulation can be deployed as a high performance thermal insulation “back up” insulation behind the refractories against the furnace shell can result in much cooler shell temperatures, cooler ambient temperatures, and a significant reductions in the amount of energy required per tonne of hot metal produced.

Board or Panel can be supplied as pre cut shapes to fit the overall size and geometry of the furnace shell to provide easy installation and  avoiding the need for onsite cutting.

Siltherm microporous thermal insulation captioned illustration cutaway.

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