Siltherm delivers cutting edge thermal insulation
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Our solutions are both temperature and fire resistant and designed to give you choice and reliability. As part of our thermal engineering services, we provide thermal and carbon emission calculations of complex linings translated in to ROI analysis. This helps you choose the most effective and efficient thermal insulation products for your business.

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Our Thermal Insulation Products

Our lightweight thermal insulation is a fantastic alternative to low density calcium silicate, vermiculite, fibre or wool based blankets and boards. Not only are our insulation products cost competitive, but they save space and deliver optimum insulation whilst being lightweight.

Siltherm board

Rigid, high integrity microporous board with superior insulation properties and good handleability.

Siltherm board 3d

Rigid, high integrity microporous board with fantastic thermal insulation properties combined with good machinability and handling.

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Siltherm panel

A large sized, rigid microporous insulation panel manufactured with a glass cloth outer envelope and microporous insulation core.

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Siltherm panel fp

A large, fire-rated, rigid microporous insulation panel, specifically developed for elevator landing lift doors and industrial fire doors.

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Siltherm panel cs

A large microporous insulation foldable panel with a series of ‘slats’, to wrap around circular vessels and pipework.

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Siltherm slatflex

Flexible microporous insulation panel for insulating pipes, curved surfaces, and complex or irregular shapes.

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Siltherm quilt

Flexible microporous insulation panel for insulating pipes, curved surfaces, and complex or irregular shapes.

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Siltherm pipe

A rigid, high integrity microporous pipe section with superb insulation properties combined with good handleability.

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Siltherm granulate

A specially developed granular and pourable microporous insulation product with exceptional flow characteristics, ideal for filling voids and complex shapes effectively and efficiently.

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Siltherm vacupanel

High-performance rigid microporous insulation with a core that is encapsulated in a barrier film (multiple metalised polymer layers) sealed under vacuum.

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Siltherm silicore

A rigid microporous insulation board with an optimised density, providing relative strength without compromising the thermal performance.

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Why choose siltherm?

Thermal insulation has one of the best viable means to effectively combat changes in the environment so we are engaged to raise awareness about its performance.

Siltherm’s purpose is contribution. Contribution to making the world safer and better not just for ourselves, but our future generations.

We help industries and governments identify and adopt the right energy conservation insulation solutions to reach carbon neutrality and make the world a greener and safer place.

Not only are our thermal insulation products environmentally friendly, but they are also superior quality.

We want to help you find the perfect thermal insulation product for your project. Why not talk to us? We are ready to listen.

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