Mobile Refrigeration

The use of Vacuum Insulation Panels (VIPs) in household refrigerated appliances has been widespread for many years. The advantages they offer in this sector can be replicated in mobile refrigeration applications.

In both pharmaceutical and food distribution, a secure cold chain environment must be created from producer to end user.

Utilising VIPs in refrigerated transportation creates opportunities for a space-saving, energy efficient solution. Siltherm’s VacuPanel can create this opportunity by having up to 5-6 times less insulation thickness when compared to conventional insulation products. This creates design flexibility and weight saving opportunities.

High fuel costs means that it is essential that energy efficient transport solutions are available. Creating a highly insulated, refrigerated truck lessens the demand on compressor usage, saving valuable energy. All with the added assurance that the environment is temperature-controlled.

Some products being developed, particularly pharmaceuticals, have extreme temperature storage requirements like Ultra Low Temperatures. By using VIPs, transport will contribute significantly in achieving performance requirements without having to compromise on design.

Our Bespoke VacuPanel Offering

The Siltherm VacuPanel is available in a size and shape that suits your packaging needs. A thickness range of 5mm to 50mm, plus a wide range limit of X and Y dimensions – suitable for the smallest payload requirement right up to the pallet shipper size panel demands.

VacuPanel Technical Data sheet

Benefits of choosing VacuPanel for Mobile Refrigerated Applications

  • 0.0042W/mK lambda value
  • 5-6 times better insulation performance than conventional products
  • Maximise Internal Usable Refrigeration space
  • Reduce Weight
  • Reduce Energy Consumption
  • Bespoke sizes and shapes available
  • Suitable for new design or retro-fit applications
  • Eco-friendly solution – By weight VIPs over 90% recyclable

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