Temperature Controlled Packaging

More and more pharmaceutical products being produced and developed today have new sets of requirements. When they are shipped, it is crucial that a controlled temperature is maintained.

Were a temperature excursion ever to occur during transit, the drugs being shipped can lose their effectiveness and even become harmful to the individual that takes it. Therefore, the packaging that is used for shipping pharmaceuticals must be able to meet the firm regulatory requirements that are in place for these temperature-sensitive products.

The Solution

Vacuum Insulation Panels (VIPs).

Vacuum insulation panels can be a valuable solution when looking to design a packaging system that is both effective and suitable. Siltherm’s VacuPanel, with a thermal conductivity value of 0.0042W/mK, offers a thickness reduction of up to 6x in comparison to traditional insulation alternatives.

Maximising insulation performance with minimal thickness gives a greater flexibility which maximises payload space. And the overall volume of the packaging system is minimised.

Using VIPs

Siltherm’s VacuPanel is used across a wide variety of project applications where there is a need for both:

  • A specific temperature range profile, and
  • A time window to be met for shipping.
temperature controlled packaging boxes

Single & Multi-Use Application

VIPs are used in both single use and multi-use applications. It’s favourable to design VIPs into multi-use packaging systems with maximum long-term shelf life to increase return on investment.

Our VacuPanel is available with secondary protection material that is wrapped or laminated to it, giving packaging designers better flexibility when designing potential shipping systems for long-term usage.

temperature controlled packaging

Our Bespoke VacuPanel Offering

The Siltherm VacuPanel is available in a size and shape that suits your packaging needs. A thickness range of 5mm to 50mm, plus a wide range limit of X and Y dimensions – suitable for the smallest payload requirement right up to the pallet shipper size panel demands.

temperature controlled packaging
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Not only do VIPs perform excellently during their lifetime but they have a great end-of-life story, too. By weight, over 90% of the panel is recyclable, allowing this technology to be a long-term sustainable solution to the packaging market.

temperature controlled packaging

Benefits of choosing VacuPanel for Temperature Controlled Packaging Product:

  • 0.0042W/mK lambda value
  • 5-6 times better insulation performance than conventional products
  • Maximise Payload volume whilst minimising overall package size
  • Bespoke sizes and shapes available
  • Able to withstand extreme shipping conditions (Ultra Low Temperature)
  • Suitable for single or multi-use systems
  • Secondary protection materials available for VacuPanel
  • By weight over 90% recyclable

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