We are a leading global producer of microporous thermal insulation

Why choose Siltherm for thermal insulation solutions?

  • We produce our own raw material

  • We produce the most extensive thermal insulation product range available

  • Premium quality, tested, certified

  • Engineered thermal management solutions tailored to your needs

  • ROI and carbon footprint calculations for single and complex insulation systems

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siltherm are the experts in the application and engineering of microporous thermal insulation solutions

What we do

Siltherm is a leading global producer of microporous thermal insulation, including high temperature thermal insulation and low temperature thermal insulation, which can be used in a range of applications.

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Thermal Management

Siltherm Group Holdings offer a wider range of high and low temperature thermal insulation products; more than any other microporous thermal insulation producer. Siltherm’s products are tailored to suit the many different applications in thermal processing and temperature management, and can be used in a wide range of high and low temperature functions.

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Building & Construction

Siltherm’s Vacuum Insulation Panels (VIP) provide high performing, space saving insulation solutions that could revolutionise the building and construction industries. Being incredibly thin yet highly efficient at preventing heat loss, these microporous thermal insulation products are suitable for a wide range of building applications.

image depicting low temperature applications

Electric Vehicles

Siltherm’s thermal insulation panels could be game changing for the electric vehicle market. Thanks to our ultra thin thermal insulation panels, which meet regulatory and manufacturer mandated battery safety requirements, Siltherm’s solutions could improve battery performance and extend battery life.

image depicting low temperature applications

Passive Fire Protection

Siltherm’s range of Passive Fire Protection microporous thermal insulation fire rated products can be used in a range of applications, such as lift doors, elevator landings, industrial fire doors and marine bulk heads. Being incredibly efficient yet ultra-thin, Siltherm’s PFP product range offers maximum protection for minimal space.

image depicting low temperature applications

Temperature Controlled Distribution

Siltherm’s microporous thermal insulation products can be used in a wide range of temperature controlled distribution applications. Whether transporting perishable foodstuffs or pharmaceuticals, Siltherm’s Vacuum Insulation Panels will ensure products reach their destination in peak condition.

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Power Generation: Renewable Energy and Energy Storage

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Domestic Appliances: Heating and Refrigeration

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