Passive fire protection

Passive Fire Protection (PFP) is an integral component deigned to contain a fire to the compartment of the origin of the fire, also to slow the spread of the fire from the origin.

Siltherm produce a range of fire rated products, typically for elevator lift landings and doors, industrial fire doors, and marine bulk head and deck applications.

Image of fire door to depict Siltherm passive fire protection

Siltherm panel FP – innovative passive fire protection

The Siltherm Panel FP is a fire rated, large sized microporous insulation panel. This rigid insulation product is manufactured with a glass cloth outer envelope so it’s easy to handle and clean.

Siltherm Panel FP has been specifically developed to deliver space and weight saving fire rated solutions for elevator landing door systems.

Our panel is a real alternative for a thin, low weight insulation solution with a Class A Fire Rating.

Typical application:

  • Elevator Landing Doors (EI60, EI90, EI120 ratings)

  • Industrial Fire Doors (A60, A90, A120 ratings)

For marine application:

  • Aluminium/Steel Bulkhead & Decks

  • Engine Rooms

Siltherm products offer a realistic alternative to other lightweight insulations

Passive Fire Protection products developed by Siltherm offer a realistic alternative when compared to other lightweight insulation solutions.

The thermal resistance provided by Siltherm products is a cost competitive alternative to other lightweight insulation solutions on the market. All whilst delivering benefits for space optimisation and reduced weight.

Siltherm passive fire protection offer realistic alternative to other insulation solutions

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