Thermal management

At Siltherm, we take pride in our thermal management insulation solutions which are environmentally friendly.

High & low temperature applications for thermal management

Effective thermal management approaches ensure the maintenance of the temperature capacity within a system.

Our long-lasting, durable, thermal insulation solutions are perfect for high temperature applications. The products we create are found in many industries, including aerospace, oil and gas, glass production, molten metal industries, Passive Fire Protection, and many more.

High temperature applications aren’t all our products are perfect for. With the optimised density, formulation and barrier films, they’re ideal in cold or cryogenic applications, too. This makes our microporous insulation products a widely used product in OEM, refrigeration, and life sciences.

The Siltherm collection of microporous insulations are also well suited to cryogenic applications. Optimised densities and formulations, accompanied by various barrier films, means they are widely used in OEM, refrigeration, and life sciences.

thermal management with high temperature applications

High Temperature Applications

thermal management with low temperature applications

Low Temperature Applications

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