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The need for construction products to reach ever-more stringent energy performance criteria is soaring. That’s where the Vacuum Insulation Panel (VIP) comes in

VIPs provide high performing, space saving insulation solutions suitable to several applications, including both new build and renovation projects

Their lambda value performance of 0.007W/mK (aged declared value) is market leading. VIPs can reduce construction insulation build-ups by up to 3 to 4 times in comparison to conventional insulation products. This excellent performance allows a greater creative flexibility to building designers

In locations where the floor space has premium values, being able to upgrade the insulation without compromising on the valuable room area is significantly advantageous for financial reasons.

VIPs in building and construction have two primary uses:

Roofs and Floors

Flat Roof

Planning flat roof projects with better design flexibility can be done with thanks to the thin profile of Siltherm’s VacuPanel.

The thickness ranges from 10mm to 50mm and offers an outstanding ability to achieve the necessary insulation performance with only minimal build-up. Work together with our design team to create a plan best suited to your required insulation value.

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The thin profile VacuPanel Siltherm has developed is very flexible – it’s an ideal solution for new build projects as well as existing floor insulation upgrades.

The ranging thickness means that there will be a solution available to you that is suited to the needs of your project. Our design team will collaborate with you, coming up with a scheme that will meet the required insulation value you’re looking to achieve.

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