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How we work

We work on identifying leveraged advantages by an analytical approach based on our expertise and knowledge about the markets and applications we deliver to. We create value through the thermal insulation solutions we offer and the service we provide to determine the benefits of improved thermal management.

Siltherm aspires to be the most successful and reliable provider of thermal insulation solutions to our industry partners.

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Image of the Siltherm head office in Jiangxi Province, Peoples Republic of China

Siltherm Intl Group Limited, China

Our Head Office is located in the Jiangxi Province, Peoples Republic of China.

Siltherm Intl Group Limited is certified as a National Tech Company by the Chinese Ministry for Sciences and Technology.

Image of the Siltherm head office in Jiangxi Province, Peoples Republic of China

Siltherm UK Ltd

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Image of Siltherm europe dublin

Siltherm Europe Ltd

Our Europe office has been set up in Paramount Court, Dublin, Ireland to promote and supply Siltherm products to the European market.

We’re constantly refreshing our technology platforms to ensure we can deliver cutting edge thermal management solutions.

Meet the team

Our dedicated R&D team are consistently developing new products and formulations to meet the market needs of industry and the requirements of customers around the world. They work tirelessly on the evolution and continuous improvement of our products and technology platforms.

The team at Siltherm Europe enjoy working with customers, getting to know their business and sharing application knowhow. They identify the thermal solutions that will help our customers succeed.

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jiangtao yuan, CEO

CEO and major shareholder of Siltherm Group Holdings Ltd, Jiangtao has more than 10 years’ experience in pyrogenic silica production and application.

His deep knowledge of the production and process of silica has significant impact in the product and process development of Siltherm’s high performance microporous insulation solutions.

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Haicheng wang, global sales & marketing manager

Haicheng is the Global Sales & Marketing Manager for Siltherm Group Holdings Ltd.

With a 9 year background in the sales business of pyrogenic silica, he has been the driving force behind the growth of Siltherm, aiding Siltherm in becoming the largest provider of microporous thermal insulation solutions in China.

Image of Chris Knowles

Chris Knowles, EU & UK General Manager

Chris has 15 years of experience working with some of the leading players in the Vacuum Insulation Panel industry.

His technical and commercial knowledge has been developed with a particular focus on the Temperature Controlled Packaging and Construction sectors.

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Glenn white, Technical Director, EU and UK

Glenn White has worked for over 40 years in the high temperature insulation industry.

His varied work experiences within this industry means that Glenn has both a theoretical and practical viewpoint. He understands what pushes product development forward and how to achieve winning thermal insulation solutions.

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Why siltherm?

By empowering growth and transformation that will impact society for the better, we exist to foster this potential for change on a global scale.

Here at Siltherm, we are Thermal Insulation Specialists who proactively work towards finding the most suitable solutions to help to prevent climate change and support sustainability. Our products do just that.

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