High Temperature Insulation

Thermal insulation needs to be durable and long-lasting if they’re going to be used for purposes involving high temperatures.

Siltherm has optimised densities, formulations, and various barrier films to create innovative high temperature insulation products that are suitable for high temperature applications.

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High Temperature insulation products designed with the environment in mind

Siltherm Group Holdings is proud to offer the widest range of high temperature insulation products in the microporous solutions industry.

These products are tailored to suit the many different applications in thermal processing and energy conservation. Our high temperature insulation products can be altered to suit the needs of your industry.

Siltherm Board

Rigid, high integrity microporous board with superior insulation properties and good handleability.

Siltherm Board 3D

Rigid, high integrity microporous board with superior thermal insulation properties combined with good machinability and handling.

Siltherm Panel

A large sized, rigid microporous insulation panel manufactured with a glass cloth outer envelope and microporous insulation core.

Siltherm panel FP

A large, fire-rated, rigid microporous insulation panel, specifically developed for elevator landing lift doors and industrial fire doors.

Siltherm panel CS

Customised microporous insulation configured to suit complex geometries and specific performance characteristics.

Siltherm Slatflex

A large microporous insulation foldable panel with a series of ‘slats’, to wrap around or inside circular vessels and pipework.

Siltherm Quilt

Flexible microporous insulation panel for insulating pipes, curved surfaces, and complex or irregular shapes.

Siltherm pipe

A rigid, high integrity microporous pipe section with superb insulation properties combined with good handleability.

Siltherm Granulate

A specially developed granular and pourable microporous insulation product with exceptional flow characteristics, ideal for filling voids and complex shapes effectively and efficiently.

Siltherm Aluflex

Flexible microporous panel encapsulated in a aluminised with large range of sizes and good mechanical strength

Delivering Benefits Of Space Optimisation And Reduced Weight

Siltherm products provide a thermal resistance that is a cost competitive alternative to other insulation solutions on the market.

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