Container Glass

Microporous insulation can deliver significant benefits in terms of Environmental, Economic, Social, and Operational impacts.

Significant energysavings can be achieved, at the same time contributing to a safer workplace, cooler ambients, and providing operational efficiences.


Siltherm AluFlex introduced as a high performance insulation “back up insulation”in the base and sides of forehearts betweenh can provide greater temperature control of the molten glass as it flows toward the feeder bowl.

Board or Panel can be supplied as pre cut shapes to fit the overall size and geometry of the forehearth shell to provide easy installation and  avoiding the need for onsite cutting.

Benefits can include:

  • Reduced energy to maintain the molten glass temperature in the forehearth
  • Lower casing temperatures offering a safer working environment
  • Cooler ambients for improved working conditions
  • Reduced corrosion of the casing resulting in reduced mainteneance costs
  • Improved temperature control leading to a more consistent viscosity
image of forehearth ortho

Feeder Bowl

The deployment of Siltherm Microporous insulation as a high performance insulation in the base and sides of the feeder bowl delivers significant benefits in terms of the molten glass temperature control as the “gobs” exit to the container production below.

More consistent viscosity can lead to more consistent conatiner weight control, wall thickness, and reduce the incidence of rejects.

image of feeder bowl kit
image of feeder bowl


Siltherm Panel CS can be supplied to fit a wide range of proprietry feeder bowl designs, such as Mitchel, Emhart, and Maul.

They are supplied complete as a customised kit.

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