Low temperature insulation

Products proven to be the most cost-effective alternative, Siltherm’s range of low temperature insulation products guarantees purpose adaptability and flexibility.

Need Quality Low Temperature Insulation?

Our densities, formulations & barrier films give durability and a long-lasting performance.

Siltherm creates bespoke products suitable for cold and cryogenic applications.

Ultra low thermal conductivity for temperature resistance requires rigorously controlled manufacturing processes and component integrity this is what makes our Vacupanel products successful contenders for low-temperature insulation applications.

We provide rigid microporous insulation that is of high strength without compromising the thermal performance.

SIltherm Vacupanel - low temperature insulation

Siltherm vacupanel

High-performance rigid microporous insulation with a core that is encapsulated in a barrier film sealed under vacuum.

Siltherm Silicore - low temperature insulation

Siltherm AluFlex

Siltherm AluFlex is a flexible microporous panel specifically developed for use in the steel industry and other molten metal applications.

Low temperature applications include refrigeration, building construction, life sciences, and temperature controlled packaging for drugs and medicines.

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