Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles are powered with lithium-ion batteries, charged by electricity, not combustion engines running on fossil fuels. Better. Cleaner. Kinder.

Siltherm has developed thermal insulation for electric vehicles. These ultra thin thermal insulation panels to meet regulatory, and manufacturer mandated, battery safety requirements.

Siltherm panels can improve battery performance and extend battery life.

Passive Fire Protection Solutions For The EV Market

Siltherm supports the OEMs’ drive towards improved batteries with our fire barrier materials and lightweight, ultra-thin Silthin thermal insulation for electric vehicles. Silthin products are direct descendants of our proven Passive fire Protect (PFP) solutions.

The unparalleled thermal resistance provided by Silthin microporous insulation makes the ideal choice to combine with customised outer coverings to create thermal barriers and fire protection solutions for lithium-ion batteries

Our products help to increase battery packing density, reduce weight, and have more efficient thermal management, while meeting regulatory and manufacturer mandated battery safety requirements.

Siltherm products mitigate thermal runaway in electric vehicles and energy storage systems. Starting at only 2 mm thickness, our thermal runaway barriers can be tailored to perform in critical applications, including:

  • Cell-to-cell thermal runaway propagation
  • Battery pack and module barriers
Thermal insulation for electric vehicles
Siltherm's thermal insulation for electric vehicles

Features and Benefits Of Thermal Insulation for Electric Vehicles

The ultra think thermal insulation for electric vehicles is called Silthin. When these thermal barriers are placed between pouch or prismatic cells in lithium-ion battery systems, they can provide precious minutes of protection from an adjacent cell that is undergoing thermal runaway. In cell-to-cell barrier applications. Silthin acts as a compression pad, and absorbs the movement of the cells as they swell with age and during charge and discharge cycles. Silthin provides exceptional thermal resistance as fire barrier, even when compressed, at temperatures of 1000°C and higher.


  • Battery Pack Passive Fire Protection:

Silthin acts as a thermal and fire barrier to help meet emerging regulations, testing standards, and manufacturer mandated safety goals.

  • Superior Thermal Runaway Protection:

Silthin thermal barriers perform as a compression pad to absorb the movement of the cells, they can also provide precious minutes of protection from an adjacent cell that is undergoing thermal runaway.

In C2C barrier applications, Silthin combines thermal protection to mitigate a thermal runaway event, its mechanical performance as a compression pad helps to maintain the correct pressure on the battery pack.

siltherm solution for electric cars
image of electric car insulation
image of an electric car


  • Optimise Battery Life Span:

Tailored and flexible “package” design enables Silthin to absorb the daily breathing and progressive swelling prevalent in lithium-ion batteries. Silthin retains sufficient thermal resistance to mitigate thermal propagation to the end of the battery useful life.

  • Improve Battery Performance:

Superior thermal resistance even thinnest selection helps OEMs to maximize their energy density.

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