When it comes to maintaining an energy efficient environment, thermal insulation plays a crucial role. Here at Siltherm, we pride ourselves on creating microporous thermal insulation products suitable for a variety of applications, including both high and low temperature applications and passive fire protection. In this post, we will introduce you to Siltherm’s thermal insulation products that can help you achieve superior insulation performance and energy savings.

At Siltherm, we have proven to offer the most cost-effective alternatives to calcium silicates and fibrous insulation blankets and board products. Our high-tech processing technology combines silica with opacifiers and reinforcement in order to deliver exceptional insulation performance. Our microporous thermal insulation products are adaptable to meet the needs of your industry. 

Siltherm’s Thermal Insulation Products

At Siltherm, we offer a diverse range of thermal insulation products, designed to address the unique insulation needs of industry applications. Our lightweight thermal insulation offers a great alternative to low density calcium silicate, vermiculite, fibre or wool based blankets and boards. Our insulation products are not only cost competitive, they also save space and offer optimum insulation whilst remaining lightweight. 

Image of thermal insulation products - Siltherm Silthin

Some of our notable products include:

Siltherm Vacupanel: Best used for low/normal temperature environments. Our Vacuum Insulation Panel (VIP). A high performance, rigid insulation product, the core of the Siltherm Vacupanel is encapsulated in a barrier film consisting of metallised polymer layers, sealed under a vacuum.

Siltherm Silthin: Often used in the EV market. A thin, lightweight insulation solution. The microporous insulation core of Siltherm Silthin comprises a blend of pyrogenic silica and filament reinforcement.

We also have a wide range of products that are best used in high temperature environments. These include: 

Siltherm Board: Our rigid microporous board offers outstanding insulation properties while remaining easy to handle.

Siltherm Board 3D: Another high integrity microporous board that combines excellent thermal insulation properties alongside machinability and ease of handling.

Siltherm Panel: The Siltherm panel is a large, rigid microporous insulation panel with a glass cloth outer layer and a microporous insulation core.

Siltherm Panel FP: This insulation panel is specifically engineered for elevator landing lift doors and industrial fire doors.

Siltherm Panel CS: An insulation panel with a foldable design, making it suitable for wrapping around circular vessels and pipework.

Siltherm Slatflex: A flexible microporous panel designed for insulating pipes, curved surfaces, and irregular shapes.

Siltherm Quilt: A flexible insulation panel ideal for insulating pipes, curved surfaces, and complex shapes.

Siltherm Pipe: A rigid, high-integrity microporous pipe section offering exceptional insulation properties and ease of handling.

Siltherm Granulate: A granular, pourable microporous insulation product known for its flow characteristics, making it perfect for effectively and efficiently filling voids and complex shapes.

Siltherm Silicore: A rigid insulation board with an optimised density that offers relative strength without compromising thermal performance.

Imagine of thermal insulation product - Siltherm VacuPanel

Benefits Of Siltherm’s Thermal Insulation Products

Siltherm offers a realistic alternative to other lightweight insulation products with our microporous thermal insulation products. Our thermal insulation products host a variety of benefits:

  • Cost competitive alternative
  • Space optimisation
  • Reduced weight
  • Energy efficiency
  • Durability
  • Environmentally friendly

Thanks to our commitment to quality and innovation, Siltherm has established itself as a trusted name within the thermal insulation sector. Our wide range of thermal insulation products offers a variety of solutions to various needs and industries. Our products host a variety of benefits and so there is no doubt they have developed a reputation for their thermal performance, eco friendly features and durability.

Why Choose Siltherm?

Thermal insulation products are some of the best solutions to combatting changes in the environment.

At Siltherm, we are passionate about our contribution to making the world safer, both for ourselves and for generations to come. We aim to collaborate with industries and governments to help them choose the right energy conservation insulation solutions to reach carbon neutrality.

If you share our desire to make the world safer and greener, feel free to get in touch with a member of our team to discuss our thermal insulation products and how we can work on your project.