Energy Conservation Assessment With The Siltherm Energy Conservation Modeller

We understand that making a buying decision can be tough, especially when you are looking for solutions to conserve energy and reduce costs. Because we are confident that our microporous thermal insulation solutions are so effective in energy conservation, we can demonstrate up front just how our solutions will work in your scenario, and what you could save.

Let Us Help You Calculate How Much You Could Save

The Siltherm Energy Conservation Modeller is a unique industrial energy management tool that helps identify and select which insulation system:

  • Performs the best
  • Consumes the least amount of energy
  • Improves system process efficiency and;
  • Can compare different solution costs

a man at a computer carrying out a energy conservation assessment

Using our tool we can help you make informed and confident decisions on insulation systems. The Siltherm Energy Conservation Modeller can:

  • Translate heat losses into real costs and calculate the economic impact of energy within a specific insulation.
  • Calculate the CO2/Carbon emission rates of each system and the function of the type of fuel/combustion used.
  • Identify the exact price/performance ratio of an insulation system by identifying the real cost of it in function, its energy performance, the cost of the materials within a given estimated lifetime or a requested payback period, and the cost of CO2 emitted.

To achieve the most accurate results from our energy management tool you will need to provide us with as much data as possible, including heat loss calculations. Contact us to book an energy conservation assessment and see how much you could save with our insulation systems.

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