Siltherm Group Holdings Ltd, China

Siltherm Group Holdings Ltd was founded in November 2011. Our Head Office is situated in Guangzhou, in the Guangdong province of Southern China, and our manufacturing facilities are located in the Jiangxi province of Eastern China.

Siltherm Group Holdings Ltd have a major shareholding in the production of pyrogenic silica, commonly the main constituent ingredient in all nano-porous structures, this means that they have unrivalled control of their supply chain for microporous insulation products.

Our manufacturing facilities have  a capacity of more than 600,000 square metres per year. This plant is able to produce the widest product portfolio available today including, panel, board, flexible and quilted formats, customised shapes, pipe sections, granulate, aerogel, and vacuum insulation panels.

We are the leading vertically integrated producer of microporous thermal insulation worldwide, products which are proven to be the most cost effective alternatives to other light weight insulation product such as calcium silicates, vermiculites, and fibrous insulation blankets and boards.

Innovative technology is the key to meeting current and future demands of thermal insulation to protect lives and assets, improve comfort, and to reduce and conserve energy. Siltherm Group Holdings Ltd are Certified as a National Tech Company by the Chinese Ministry for Sciences and Technology, delivering high integrity, sustainable, high performance thermal insulation solutions for a wide temperature range of -200 °C to 1200 °C.

Mission Statement

Siltherm are a market driven provider of thermal management solutions to industry and have opened the Europe Office, located in Ireland, to promote and supply products to the European market.

At Siltherm, we are constantly refreshing our technology platforms to deliver cutting edge thermal management solutions which help industry conserve energy and reduce their carbon footprint.

Our aim is to become a trusted global partner providing a environmentally conscious and energy efficient solutions.

Our People.

Our R&D team is dedicated to developing new products and material formulations, working continuously to meet the changing market needs of industry and the requirements of our customers around the world. Extensive in-house test programs are implemented to maintain our product range as the benchmark in microporous technology.

Jiangtao Yuan

CEO, Siltherm Group Holdings Ltd, China

Jiangtao Yuan is the CEO and major shareholder of Siltherm Group Holdings Limited. Jiangtao has over 10 years experience in pyrogenic silica production and applications, his deep knowledge of the silica product and process has been a significant factor in the product and process development of Siltherm high performance microporous insulation.

Haicheng Wang

Global Sales & Marketing Manager, Siltherm Group Holdings Ltd, China

Haicheng Wang is the Global Sales & Marketing Manager for Siltherm Group Holdings Ltd. Haicheng also has his background in pyrogenic silica business from a sales perspective for over 9 Years and has been the driving force behind the growth of Siltherm to become the largest provider of microporous thermal insulation solutions in China.